About Follyfoot Alpacas

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Established in 2002, quite by accident!!

I was in fact inspecting a property for a new home on acres, when looking out over the paddocks we were greeted by 12 Alpacas galloping down the paddock to say hello, my very first encounter with these wonderful creatures...
I think it must have been those eyes, big, brown with their huge lashes that just melted my heart!

We (my parents had decided to make the farm change as well) purchased the property AND the stock!!

The Real Estate Agent claims it was the most unusual and easiest property sale he’d ever made...

Now what to do with them????

The original herd consisted of eight wethers, two empty females and two male Cria at foot. I enrolled in the Alpaca Production Certificate at Richmond Tafe and so very fortunately met a lovely couple in Lyn and Graham Dickson of Warralinga Alpacas, the teachers of the course and to become my mentors in these first few months of Alpaca ownership.

We chose to use the best bloodlines we could afford for the two girls and El Dorado proved to be the perfect choice. The wethers were sold as herd guards, our first Cria as luck would have it were both female and we had purchased 3 other pregnant females from a local Stud and in May 2003 decided to buy a Stud Male, Barrabinda Bonza Star—we were on our way.

Bonza went on to win extensively in the Show ring, which only spurred me on to want more...

Bonza’s first Cria and Son Follyfoot Black Onyx proved also to be a Champion in his own right and incidentally changed the ultimate direction of the Stud. I now wanted to tackle the challenge of improving Black genetics, breeding stunning animals in White and Fawn had already been achieved by so many others, but black was still a challenge.

Enter Diana Rutter from Keiana Lodge Alpacas, the wildest lady I have ever been fortunate enough to stumble across, also possessing a passion for blacks. Here was a lady who knew how to achieve our combined dream; we’ll continue to work together for many years to come.

2011 update: Adding a colour speciality to the business module...has anyone noticed how gorgeous Greys are?

Expect to see us in the show ring of the future, we’ll be there to assist the next generation of new breeders and with lots of hard work, a little patience and loads of good luck many more BLACK AND GREY champions will emerge from behind our gates and into the ring.